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RE: RAID & EXT2-fs error

> When I ran vgcreate it seamed to work fine.  However it lists 
> the MAX LV Size as being 255.99GB.  This does not make sense 
> with my configuration.  I have 5 SCSI disk partitions in a 
> RAID5 array.  Each partition is 36446.22mb. My math shows I 
> should have a MAX LV size of being 145784.88mb.  By running 
> vgdisplay I show that my VG size is 169.71GB.  What am I 
> missing?  How can your MAX LV Size be 255.99gb?!?

Ok, this must be a default if you don't specify the MAX LV size.  I just
created another vg and the same 255.99GB number came up...


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