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Re: [OT] custom dyndns.org domain & local bind

Kenneth Dombrowski wrote:


> The only thing I've found so far that isn't going 
>smoothly is I can't access my webserver from within the LAN.


>I have a netgear dhcp-serving & port-forwarding router that sends all 
>traffic on 80, 25, & 143 to


I'm using the Netgear RT314 gateway router.  It specifically denies from
the LAN to the LAN via the WAN.  That is, you cannot access your server
from within your LAN  by using the public address.  This is a security
issue as I understand it.  In my own case, I can access my web server
(on koko) from etta (also on the LAN) by browsing to http://koko/.  From
outside, I must use the public address, http://rcu.dyndns.biz/.

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