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Re: mkinitrd trouble

on Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 12:49:13PM -0600, James Miller wrote about mkinitrd trouble:
> Hello all
> I am pulling my hair trying to get Debian Woody to boot with an initrd
> image.  I have compiled the kernel 2.4.18 with Loopback device support, RAM
> disk support , 8192KB, and initrd (all compiled into the kernel).  I am able
> to run mkinird just fine 'mkinird 2.4.18-12 -o
> /initrd-2.4.18-12.img'.  The

FYI, it might be interesting to use make-kpkg's --initrd option, so
that the initrd image is generated automatically (also using mkinitrd)
when installing the kernel package using dpkg.

> system boots just fine with the first entry in lilo (below) but when I
> select 'Linux-initrd' the system is able to create the ramdrive:
> RAMDISK: cramfs filesystem found at block0
> RAMDISK: Loading 788 blocks [1 disk] into ram disk... done
> Freeing initrd memory: 788k freed
> Kernel panic:  VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 01:00
> Here is a snippet of lilo.conf
> default=Linux
> image=/vmlinuz
>         label=Linux
>         read-only
> image=/vmlinuz
>         label=Linux-initrd
> 	initrd=/inird-2.4.18-12.img
> 	append="root=/dev/ram0"

Why this append? I think you need a root "statement" instead e.g.:


> #        read-only
> #       restricted
> #       alias=1
> I'm sure there's some simple step that I'm missing and I sure would
> appreciate any help.
> Thanks,
> Jim
> James Miller
> Network Administrator
> Simutronics Corporation
> www.play.net


Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly."
-- Henry Spencer

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