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Re: Which kernel-image for a Via Ezra chip?

Ron Johnson wrote:

On Mon, 2003-01-20 at 16:50, Kent West wrote:
Got a Walmart Microtel $300 computer with a Via Ezra microprocessor. I want to upgrade to a 2.4.20 kernel image from Unstable. Which image do I need for this chip, or will I have to roll my own?

The Via C3 series, of which the Ezra is part of, is x86-compatabile:
In fact, it uses the Socket-370, just like the P3 (Tualatin).
First hit:

Well, yes, But does that mean I need the
or the
file, or perhaps some other? These are all "x86-compatible", are they not? If I had to make a guess, I'd guess 686, but I was hoping to have an authoritative answer before downloading a possibly wrong kernel over a slow-dial-up connection. And now I'm 90 miles away from that box, so trying to walk a newbie through the process via email and getting the wrong kernel has even less appeal. Oh well, I reckon it can wait until I make another trip down that way; the only real reason he needs to upgrade is to hopefully fix a mis-aligned mouse pointer and a lack of sound capability. Thanks for the response!


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