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Re: how to determine hd partitioning?

On Sun, 19 Jan 2003 18:30:24 -0500
Matthew Weier O'Phinney <matthew@weierophinney.net> wrote:

> I had my *newest* computer's motherboard crap out on me Friday night,
> and I'm trying to grab the data from its hard drive. I've thrown it
> into my older machine, and it's being recognized fine as /dev/hdd --
> but I can't remember its partitioning scheme, and thus don't know what
> partition(s) to mount and what fs they each use (it had dual-booted
> windows and debian before, hence the need for both partition and
> fs-type).
> How can I determine the drive's partition scheme?

Like the rest said, I think it's trial and error this time... But next
time you can _label_ you're ext(2|3) partitions with 'e2label' or
'tune2fs -L'. This than will show up in cfdisk and friends. You can also
use these labels in /etc/fstab instead of device names. This is really
handy if you swap your ide connectors. Now the partition has changed
name from/dev/hda1 to/dev/hdc1 for example, but has still the same label
name and will still be mounted on the right mount point.

grts Tim

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