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Re: Transferring from X-Windows to the console

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 03:38:04PM -0800, S Yuval wrote:
> My ViewSonic P810 monitor is unable to transfer from the X Windows to the
> Debian console, using Alt-F1, and displays an "invalid refresh rate"
> message. I am currently using a 60 Hz refresh rate and a 1280x960 pixel
> resolution. In Red Hat Linux this problem could be solved by lowering my
> resolution, but now this no longer seems to solve the problem. I'd
> appreciate your assistance.

I have similar problem with my cheap LCD monitor.  Even between

I press ALT-CTRL-F? slowly and hold down or press ALT-CTRL-F1 and
ALT-CTRL-F? in repeating sequence to get monitor sync with new refresh
timing or something.

I guess LCD monitor system convert resolution on the fly and their
tolerance seems not big enough.

Cheers :)
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