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Re: USB Mouse Dead [Woody 2.0r1]

    "Jim" == jvarn359  <jvarney> writes:

    Shyamal> apt-get install hotplug
    Jim> works like a dream if your kernel is good (and 2.4.18-k7 is
    Jim> what I'm using). <<

    Jim> I'm not sure hotplug will help (and I'm loathe to bring in
    Jim> unstable packages into stable) because after I read your
    Jim> message I tried removing/inserting the mouse.

Hi Jim,

Both hotplug and the 2.4.18 kernel are stable packages (they are in

I'm looking at the modules I have loaded into my kernel and I see
usbkbd, mousedev, hid, usbmouse, input, usb-uhci and usbcore loaded to
support my USB mouse (Logitech optical scroll) and USB keyboard.

I'm sorry I can't offer better information, I set this up about 12
months ago (when Woody was in testing), and I just remember that
installing hotplug was exactly what made life real easy.


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