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RE: Galeon HELP!!!

Well I have tried now running mozilla, and that doesn't spawn infinite
windows, but rather just exits.  There is not output in the console. It
just exits.

I have run apt-get install mozilla and apt-get install galeon

Any ideas,

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On 13 January 2003 at 17:12,
"Curtis Spencer" <cspenc@stanford.edu> wrote:

> I launched Galeon the first time and everything worked fine.  I
> the bookmarks and started browsing the web.  However, when I run it
> it spawns windows in what seems like an infinite loop and I have to
> console in and kill the process.  I have no idea what logs to check or
> anything.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have no idea what's going wrong with Galeon, but it keeps all of its
configuration stuff in ~/.galeon.


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