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Re: [OT] Process on which processor

deFreese, Barry said:
> Hello,
> OK, I know that there is no processor affinity under Linux but is there a
> way to tell which processes are running on which processor on an SMP
> kernel?

there was a SMP patch for procps a couple years ago, which also added
SMP support to top. I remember the 'ps' from it would show which processor
a process was on. So look into that. perhaps a recompile of procps will
give SMP support. I have a redhat 7.3 system here which has a SMP-aware
top but ps doesn't seem to show anything CPU related.

looks like the more recent versions of procps do not sport a SMP aware ps,
I just recompiled the latest from sourceforge and do not see anything
SMP except in top.

so you may need to get a much older version of procps and install it with
the patch(this may be the right patch):

not sure if that version of procps is compadible with newer 2.4.x or 2.5.x


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