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Re: Debian as a Personal Video Recorder??

On Mon, Jan 13, 2003 at 03:20:54AM -0500, nick lidakis wrote:
> Is there anyone here on the list that is using Debian as a personal 
> video recorder? Anybody able to get an unattended machine to record a 
> couple of different shows a week? I think I'm gonna need a WinTV card, 
> as these seem to be linux supported, but apt-cache search doesn't turn 
> up any relevant software? Anyone successfully using Freevo??

Dunno if it does what you want, but there's a 'vcr' package in sid (at

Description: v4l video capture program allows capturing and compressing
 segments of video from any device supported by video4linux. It doesn't
 require a graphical environment, and you can use all popular windows
 codecs (like DivX, Indeo Video 5, etc) because VCR is built around the
 avifile library.


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