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Re: Two sound cards?

Qian Gong <q.gong@tue.nl> writes:
> I have VIA on board sound and an additional Xwave 4000 PCI sound card.
> The first one (VIA) is supported by kernel (built-in) and for xwave 4000
> I use alsa-0.9. The confusing thing is which card is connected to
> /dev/dsp0 and which to /dev/dsp1. How can I configure this and let
> application (e.g. xmms) use specified sound device? Thanks a lot.

If you're using ALSA for one, I'd use ALSA for both; it seems like
it'd be clearer.  You can definitely specify within ALSA which card is
which by changing which card snd-card-(n) points to in

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