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Re: sas fileserver

Michael West wrote:
     I have been asked to help with getting a server for SAS.  One of
     the large expenses of this is the 200Gb+ RAID-5 disk on the EMC frame.
     When presented with $$$$$ the question came, can't I just get
something I can put under my desk and save $$$$$?
     The SAS server will be on WIN2K.  I am thinking of using Debian
     with software RAID and SAMBA.  I have had good experience with this.
     Maybe even use the 8mg cache western digital IDE drives.  We only expect a
dozen users simultaneous or so, but working with large datasets. I have never seen anything about the best configuration of a file
     server with few connections and gobs of data being used per
     Does anyone have experience with something similar?  How will SAMBA
perform when hammered by SAS?
     For the purposes of this thread, let us assume that the maintenance,
     service, backup and recovery and such is satisfactorily worked out.
     They are the major problems, but I am looking for advice on just
     the fileserver question.

If you are looking at a usage where each user is going to do a single pull of lots of data across the network, then it's a bit easier. The slowest point is the network, so you probably won't see much benefit from a massive RAID 5 array system. If the application reading the data is on this same machine (it doesn't sound like it is) then you will need a big fat array.

Samba should do well.
SCSI would benefit over EIDE if you can swing it. The last I checked, the prices were much closer then they used to be (10% above EIDE for some sizes).

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