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RE: iptables

That fixed it. I had to reinstall iptables and use the init.d option.

Thanks to all.


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Reaz Baksh, 2003-Jan-04 01:05 -0500:
> Hello
> Where do I save the settings in iptables so that on reboots the
> are reinstated? 
> I read that they are saved in /etc/sysconfig/iptables.rules.  I tried
> that and it didn't work.  
> I also saw a file /etc/iptables that has the rules in it but that
> work either.

I believe that the iptables script in /etc/init.d will restore the
saved iptables ruleset.  Once you get the rules setup the way you want
it, run (as root) iptables-save.  This will save the ruleset and then
be restored upon reboot by the /etc/init.d/iptables script.  But, I
don't know this for sure since I've built my own script.


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