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Re: Video CD software

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On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 19:19, Richard Kimber wrote:
> I'm looking for packages that I might use to create CDs containing a
> slideshow of photos that I could play on my DVD player.  (I'm not
> referring to the CD burning aspects, but how to create what I would burn
> on the CD. I use xcdroast for the former).  As a complete beginner with
> video stuff, I have no idea what sorts of packages I might need.

I've been having a go at doing this, with some success.

I haven't found software to automate this process.  The "pieces" I use 
are transcode, mplex, mkvcdfs, and cdrdao

transcode is from package transcode
mplex from mjpegtools
mkvcdfs from vcdtools
cdrdao from cdrdao

I run stable, and I get transcode and mjpegtools from http://marillat.free.fr/

A rough guide follows.

#VCD resolution is 352x288

for x in *.jpg ; do
convert -scale 352x288 $x $FRAMES/$x

find $FRAMES -type f >frames.list
cat $f $f $f $f $f $f $f $f $f $f $f $f $f $f $f | sort -o video.list

transcode -i video.list -x imlist,null -k -z -g 352x288 -f 1 -y mpeg2enc,null -F 1 -Z 352x288 -H 0 -o vid
mplex -f 1 -S 680 -o vid.mpg vid.m1v
mkvcdfs vid.mpg

cdrdao write --device 0,0,0 --speed 8 vcd.toc


The link someone else posted seemed to be mainly Windows and Mac software; it would be cool if 
there was a way to do all the above directly.  I haven't quite managed to add a soundtrack, and
one of the programs mentioned seemed to suggest that it was possible to get better results than 
just making a video out of 352x288 size frames.

Andrew McGuinness     Luton, UK        a.mcguinness@ntlworld.com

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