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Re: mail server

This one time, at band camp, Raymond Gree said:
> Hi,
> I "try" to setup a mail server on my lan at home.
> actually I can directly receive email with exim (without using my 
> internet provider mail server)
> now I would like to send email again without using my internet provider 
> mail server
> my question (perhaps stupid) is it possible to do so?

Sure.  If you can directly receive mail, I'm guessing that you already
have the DNS end of things worked out (you have some sort of name
resolution working, and an MX record pointing to this box).  Next, all
you have to do is run eximconfig, and choose the 'internet mail host'
option (IIRC, option 1) and answer the questions about your host name.  

Please be sure to read the exim FAQ and help files at www.exim.org -
they're quitelong, but well worth it, and they can make the difference
between being an open relay and being a secure mail hub.

> thanks & Happy New Year
> Raymond

Back at ya,
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