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Re: pdf2ps Segmentation fault

On Thu, 2003-01-02 at 19:04, Jason Pepas wrote:
> On Thursday 02 January 2003 01:37 pm, Sven Heinicke wrote:
> > On some pdf files pdf2ps Segmentation faults on stable Debian.  While on
> > Red Hat 8.0 the don't.  I see that the testing version has a closer
> > version to that of Red Hat.  Anybody have luck with running testing
> > gs-common and/or gs debs on stable?
> >
> >   Sven
> this does not directly answer your question, but provides an alternate 
> solution.

I ended up doing an apt-get source of the testing ghostscript source and
built that by hand and installed it in the /usr/local directory.  Using,
or making, the testing deb required to many changes on stable.  No more
seg faults so long one runs the stuff in /usr/local/bir instead of
/usr/bin .


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