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Soundblaster Live! 5.1 Digital

hi all!

i'm running Debian Woody (testing) on an old Compaq Deskpro. the
machine has audio in and out jacks, but didn't seem to have usable
audio capabilities, so i bought a soundblaster card.

soundwise, the modules i've loaded:
emu10k1                55712   0  (unused)
ac97_codec              9568   0  [emu10k1]
sb                      7328   0
sb_lib                 32256   0  [sb]
uart401                 6016   0  [sb_lib]
isa-pnp                27432   0  [sb]
sound                  52876   0  [emu10k1 sb_lib uart401]
soundcore               3236  10  [emu10k1 sb_lib sound tvmixer]

this is what lsmod outputs, some of these are not in my modules file
(ac97_codec, uart401 i believe).

the problem is: although the emu10k chip on the card does seem to get
used by audio applications, i can only actually get sound from the (bad
quality) mainboard's audio jack, but not from the soundblaster card's

am i still missing a module, or do i have to define options for the
soundblaster modules?

in case it should matter: there is also a TV card (bt787).

any hints much appreciated,


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