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Re: cannot open dislpay: debian:0.0

Yes I was login directly as root
To what?

Rather more important than what you're running is *how* you're running.
None of us here can peek over your shoulder to see what's on your
screen.  You have to provide that information.  You've been less than

log on as root on the system it self.

That's not an answer.


Please answer the following questions.

1. When you turn on your computer and boot into Linux, does it present you with a log in prompt?

2. If the answer to Question 1 above is "No", does it automatically go into a graphical screen that has a mouse pointer (is X running)?

3. If the answer to Question 1 above is "Yes", is it a graphical login (kdm, xdm, etc), or is it a text-based login (white text on black screen, 80 columns by 24 lines, or similar)?

4. If the answer to Question 1 above is "Yes", as whom do you log in? root? or a normal user?

Once you've answered these questions, we'll have more to ask.

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