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Re: real player plugin only as root

On January 2, 2003 05:59 pm, the fabulous Aryan Ameri wrote:

> I Guess you are luckier than me. I have both files in the plugins
> directory, but still nothing is working. I'm actually a bit suprised, as I
> previously did setup realplayer plugin for mozilla on RedHat, SuSE, and
> even on Lycoris and some other probably-you-haven't-heard distro. Debian is
> the first that I am facing dificulties with. Wierd I guess.

Under KDE my standalone realplayer just hangs unless I run it under the 
artsdsp wrapper.  If you're running mozilla in KDE make sure that it is also 
run under the artsdsp wrapper.

In unstable, the mozilla-browser package offers you the option to run it under 
a dsp wrapper automatically:

dpkg-reconfigure -plow mozilla-browser

    Sometimes mozilla hangs since plugins (e.g. flashplugin) lock /dev/dsp.
    You can use dsp wrapper to resolve it. 'auto' will decide which dsp
    wrappers should be used according to the sound daemon running. When no
    sound daemon is detected, mozilla won't use any wrapper. This setting will
    be saved into /etc/mozilla/mozillarc and can be overriden with your

       1. auto  2. esddsp  3. artsdsp  4. none

       :-) Please choose your sound daemon's dsp wrapper. [1] 1

For myself selecting "auto" works just fine.  Make sure that you are a member 
of the audio group.


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