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Re: Security Question

While this message screams troll, there's the possiblity your question
is legit.

On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 03:39:22PM -0800, John Gedeon wrote:

> I have Debian installed on my home computer (3.0 stable version) I
> want to use it to remote login in to work, however the people in
> charge of the remote logins (IT) at my work say that Debian has lots
> of security holes. 

Is Debian free of potential sercurity holes, no.  Is _any_ software free
of security holes, extremely doubtful. 
> I was wondering what security holes Debian may have (especially in
> comparison to Red Hat) if any. And if any of those cannot be taken
> care of.

None that I'm aware of.

> They also claimed that Debian isn't stable in comparison to Red Hat,
> Is Red Hat more stable? 

Not in my experience.  Additionally, I find Debian much easier to
maintain and update.

> I am asking for this information so that I have more backing when I
> tell the IT people here that Debian as good if not better than Red
> Hat. I would prefer to use Debian.

Sounds like the members of your IT department (or at least those you've
spoken with) are just biased.  I would ask them to provide a basis for
their statements.

Jamin W. Collins

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