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Re: which files can be safely deleted?

On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 04:51:14PM +0530, Sandip P Deshmukh wrote:
> i was wondering if there are any other redundant log files etc that i
> can delete to make more space available. i for instance know that exim
> keeps a log and it can be safely deleted. any other files?

Install deborphan and run it every once in a while.  Every few months
it probably doesn't hurt to have it scrap the keeper file.  This will
trim the fat among debian packages.

On my system at least, /usr/src occasionally bloats to ungodly
proportions if I've been doing a lot of stuff by hand.

/usr/local/ will get up there, too, if you install commercial software
(like games from id Software or Loki Linux Entertainment[1]).

If /var/log is building up larger than you are comfortable with, check
out the logrotate documentation to automate trimming things down a bit

[1] They're long-gone but someone is keeping the domain live and the
servers running.  http://www.lokigames.com/ has thier old website
frozen in time and ftp://ftp.lokigames.com/ has the Linux binaries for
many games.  Might want to check with them if you've got a game
published by someone other than id that's more than about 15 months
old as of the time of this writing and see if it's there.  If it is,
download the appropriate version and buy the Windows version; be sure
to tell the publisher you're purchasing it to run on Linux when you
send in the registration card to help them gauge demand.

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