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Re: bash guru wanted

02.01.2003 00:52:05, Thorsten Haude <debian@thorstenhau.de> wrote:

>* Michael Naumann <mnaumann@giga-stream.de> [2003-01-02 00:33]:
>>I want my bash to obey eof (^D) only if there are no jobs in the background.
>I can't help you with the Bash, but I recommend the Zsh. The Zsh warns
>you if you have running jobs, and only exits if you give the command a
>second time. You may also disown the process running in the background
>and exit anyway.

Thanx for your tip,
But this would not help me. As I stated, the warning is also issued by bash
and disowning jobs is also possible.

Thanx anyway, Michael

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