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configuring X with 3D Prophet

Hi to everyone.
I know that it isn't fair to send the first mail to a list imploring help... 

I installed Debian on my laptop and everything was perfect... So I decided to 
install it on the office dsktop pc (it isn't mine so I can't decide which 
kind of components to use) but I wasn't able to start X.
The pc uses a Hercules 3d Prophet 4500 64MB Ram graphic board.
I tried everything: writing to Hercules and SGS, installing drivers they 
showed me (drivers are not certificated by Hercules and SGS), manually 
configuring the XF86Config with values of Bus PCI... Nothing happened: "No 
screen found"...
I could attach the log file but I don't hate you and I didn't want to bore 
the list...

Simply: anyone did it with success and did he/she write me?


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