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initializing linux partitions after installation

so, i did it!  i installed debian from scratch, woo-hoo!  it's now
installed, but not configured, so i still have half the work ahead of
me ... but thanks to y'all and to debian, it was much easier than i'd
expected it to be.

now my question is: during setup and installation, i partitioned off
my hard drive into a swap partition /, /usr, /var, /tmp, and /home.  i
initialized the swap and the first three of the others, but then i
stopped, and moved on to the rest of the installation.  now i don't
have /tmp or /home initialized or mounted.  how do i go back and do

what's weirding me out is, having created a user account for myself
and logging in, `pwd` says i'm in /home/nori.  how can this be, if i
didn't initialize a /home partition?  where on the disk am i?  is this
bad?  i mean, i'm going to go back and initialize it and /tmp just as
soon as i figure out how, but i'm kind of confused.



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