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Re: Exchange Calendar client?

on Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 09:46:54AM -0500, Robert L. Harris (Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net) wrote:
>   Well, the CEO is doing the old hot and heavy for calendaring.  Despite
> the fact he only schedules meetings with the other CXO's and no-one else
> cares about the (dis-)function everyone needs it now.  I'm on the hunt
> for a non-M$ installation option.  We're currently looking at Citrix and
> Codeweavers of course.  Can I get any other suggestions of a client
> that'll talk MAPI and do exchange callendar functionality?  
>   In the past (8 months ago?) I looked at Ximian and Evolution but at
> that point the callendar was coming out "Real Soon Now"(TM)...  Has
> anyone got it working?  How does it behave.  How does it behave with
> debian and will it require red carpet?

Hopping into this way late (been travelling the past couple of weeks),
one possible option is the Oracle Collaboration Suite.  Not free, but
pretty well recommended (according to third parties, haven't used it

This was formerly sold as CorporateTime, from Corporate Software &
Technologies.  Oracle picked up the product last summer, and started
marketing it last fall.

What sold me on it as a reasonable alternative was the University of
Maryland's analysis of the calendaring landscape, which includes a
pretty damning evaluation of MS Exchange:


Also telling is the widespread adoption of the suite within the academic
community, particularly with representation of large (10k - 40k+ seats),
heterogenous (multiple Microsoft, Mac, Unix, *BSD, and GNU/Linux
platforms), and cost-sensitivity.

Back-end can run on GNU/Linux, and Linux clients would be supported
through the web interface.

Pricing, when I spoke with Oracle this past fall, was on the order of
$45/seat (or was it $65, sorry, memory fails me here), no minimum seats.
Naturally there's a server requirement, the back-end data store is
Oracle.  The server software is gratis, at least so long as you take the
stock build.  Oracle's trying to break into this market.


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