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Re: keyboard problem

on Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 05:35:33PM +0100, Mat (matteo@spark.homeunix.org) wrote:
> Again I ask the same question:
> When I connect to my linux box through ssh or telnet, home and end
> keys don't work (they print a ~) and I cannot print characters like },
> { and accented characters (because I use an italian keyboard, I have
> to use a combination such aas AltGr+0, AltGr+9 ...).  This doesn't
> happen when I log in through the console.
> No one had this problem before?
> Suggestions?

I don't know the solution.  However, this issue's been raised several
times on the mailing list.  I'd suggest searching archives at
http://www.debian.org/, or Google.


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