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Re: Nvidia compile error

On Wednesday 01 January 2003 10:21 am, Elijah wrote:
> ok, I untar the package (tar -xzpvf nvidia-kernel-src.tar.gz) and from
> it unpacked the directory 'modules>nvidia-kernel-version>debian>'
> so I typed in make-kpkg from /usr/src/ - didn't work, I went to the
> modules directory, the nvidia-kernel-src directory under the modules and
> even the debian directory under the nvidia-kernel ... I don't get it :(
> it still doesn't work. It complains that I am not in the root directory
> of the kernel source.

Let me ask a stupid question, when you installed your running kernel's 
corrisponding kernel-source package did you untar/bz2 it?  If not then you 
need to do that, cd into kernel-source-2.x.xx and run make oldconfig && make 

After that you should be able, from that directory, do a make-kpkg modules and 
have it work.

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