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Re: 20GB on an old P75

On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 15:32, Frank Gevaerts wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 08:29:09PM +0100, Mat wrote:
> > Hi.
> > I would install Linux on a 20GB HD, which will be installed on an old P75 system.
> > While the BIOS cannot recognize more than 8GB, under Linux I can see all the 7 
> > partitions on it with fdisk, and can mount them.
> > How is it possible?Perhaps the kernel bypasses BIOS?
> Yes.
> > Do you think I will see all the 20GB space, if I install Linux on it, or will I have a lot of 
> > problems? (it is a full windows system with a lot of data and I don't want to "try")
> It should work. If you don't have much linux experience however (or if
> you do have experience), make very sure you have backups. You should not
> need them, but...
> One possible problem is mentioned in another reply : to boot, you will
> need to have a boot partition somewhere in the beginning of the disk, or
> boot from floppy.

As long as you use a recent veersion of lilo or grub, you should
not have a problem, but if you want to be careful, keep all boot
partitions contained within the first 1024 cylinders of the disk.

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