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Re: OK. How can I share CDRW on other computers? Or are there GUI that I can share on other computers?

hi ya

On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, Egor Tur wrote:

> Hi.
> Who had solved the some problem?
> Not use ssh.

the dumb/easy way...

cdrw is at

cdrw# make sure cdrecord can see your cdrw drive
        cdrecord -scanbus

        -- dont pass go till you can read/write the cdrw device locally

cdrw#  machine w/ the cdrw
    vi /etc/exports
	# allow your client buddy to use it

    vi /etc/hosts.deny

    vi /etc/hosts.allow
	portmap: : allow
	rpc.mountd: : allow

    restart inetd
    restart portmapper, nfs server

cdrw# ssh into


on your machine wanting access to that remote cdrw

client is at

client# rpcinfo -p
	-- dont pass go till rpcinfo shows you stuff on cdrw machine

client# -- configure an automounter for cdrw:/mnt/cdrw

-- or a simple test before doing automounters, or updating fstab

client# mount -t iso9660 -o rw cdrw:/mnt/cdrw /mnt/cdrw

	-- dont pass go till mount works

client# ls -la /mnt/cdrw

cleint# fix automounter so that you dont have to manually mount it

clint# ssh into

for more cdrw howtos and docs

c ya

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