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xdm locks up keyboard and hogs cpu

   I am running XFree86 Version on debian
unstable.  I have tried to run xdm in the past and it
has always ended up locking my keyboard and the
Xfree86 process ends up taking upto 95%  CPU.  I had
the same problem with gdm too.  The mouse works fine,
but the keyboard is completely dead.  At this point I
have to log in remotely and kill the process, the
keyboard never recovers and I end up rebooting the
box.  I have seen some previous posts saying that xdm
garbles up the display after the first login and then
locks up.  But I have never been able to get xdm to
work at all.  I spoke with some users on #debian (OPN)
and there were some others who said they had similar
problems with xdm.

  I do not have any of these problems when I run plain
X (using startx).  I had some suggestions (from
#debian on OPN) that the problem was with my X
configuration.  I got the exact same results even when
I tried running xdm using a config file generated by
xf86cfg.  I am running xdm with the default config
files installed by the package.  Could you guys give
me pointers to what could be possibly wrong with this?
 If you need to look at any config files etc..  let me
know and I will post them to the list.  Do I need to
file a bug report about this? or is something wrong
with my configuration?

Thank you

Aravind Gottipati

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