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Re: jpeg to xpm format ??

* daves debian (dave_arahan@yahoo.co.uk) [021229 15:55]:
> I am in the middle of a reorganising my system, I will be using jpeg.
> It appears that the splashscreen needs a .xpm.gz format.
> The .gz is easy, how do I get to an xpm format
> Idealy I want to convert one of my jpeg images to use as the splash screen. A 
> while ago I found an article that showed a command to convert jpeg --> xpm

ImageMagick's convert utility can do it.  man convert.

> I looked in info grub but could not find anything about the splashscreen 
> command.

AFAIK, grub has no splashscreen command.  RedHat ships a patched grub
which includes support for showing pretty pictures, because suits
think a pretty system is a good system.

If you want to use a graphical grub screen, I think you'll have to patch
and compile grub yourself.

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