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Re: Linux system /dev/hda to /dev/hdd, will it work ??

hi ya daves

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, Alan Chandler wrote:

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> On Saturday 28 Dec 2002 9:27 pm, daves debian wrote:
> > I need to move my linux system from drive, /dev/hda to /dev/hdd
> > I know I will have to re-write lilo.conf
> >
> > Apart from lilo, will the system work in a different hdX ??
> >
> > Anyone had any experience ?? or done it ??
> >

> As well as /etc/lilo.conf you will need to change /etc/fstab and (?) if you 
> are using a kernel with initrd during boot you will probably have to remake 
> that (initrd-tools package has a mkinitrd)

make sure you can boot in standalone mode...so you can fix things
if something went whacky ( it cannot boot anymore )

- yes.. change lilo.conf, fstab and  your boot floppies
	- make sure your old boot floopies still work
	- make a new (different) boot floppy ...

- you will probably want to rebuild your kernel and initrd stuff after
  you have moved things over 
	- rdev might come in handy to fix things too

c ya

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