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making alsa work, ix86, als120, wine

Dear All,

   I recently purchased CrossOver Plug-in for a K6 box that contains a
SoundBlaster compatible ISA soundcard, an ALS120:

Card 1 'ALS0120:PnP Sound Chip' PnP version 1.0
  Logical device 0 '@@@2001:Unknown'

   Now, this soundcard works fine with the simple "sb" module loaded,
but to the best of my understanding, in order for the sound to work
with the CrossOver Plug-in, I need to install some kind of sound
abstraction library and the one that seems most supported by wine is

   So I downloaded the drivers from the ALSA site (the more stable
0.5 series) and installed the debian packages that should allow them
to work but so far they have not produced any sound.

# modprobe snd-card-als100
# tail /var/log/messages
Dec 25 21:30:12 kernel: snd: SB [0x220]: DSP chip found, version = 4.2

   So far so good, but trying to play a WAV file produces no sound

# aplay 41_30secOgg-q0.wav 
Aplay: version 0.5.10 by Jaroslav Kysela <perex@suse.cz>
Using soundcard 'Avance Logic ALS100 soundcard, ALS100 chip at 0x220, irq 5, dma 3&1'
Playing WAVE '41_30secOgg-q0.wav' : Signed 16-bit Little Endian, Rate 44100 Hz, Stereo

   For about 30 seconds it just sits there, supposidly playing the
piece but not really piping it out to the speakers. It should be noted
that the mixer's "master" setting is set at 42/42.

   Does anyone spot anything out of the ordinary here or may be
inclined to offer any wisdom they have received while working with any
of these drivers and applications?

   Thank you,


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