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Re: encrypted filesystems with debian packages?

Am Die, 2002-12-24 um 11.42 schrieb Jörg Johannes:
> Hello everybody
> I just started to read the Linux Encryption HOWTO on
> http://www.linuxsecurity.com/docs/HOWTO/Encryption-HOWTO/Encryption-HOWTO.html
> and I wonder if I can use encryped filesystems with my sid installation. 
> However, I did not find the crypto-patched mount program on the debian 
> package page. Is this option already available in Debian or will I have 
> to manually patch and compile mount? As it is one of the most basic 
> programs needed for a running system I would prefer keeping it part of 
> the debian packages management system.

AFAIK the mount and losetup tools in Debian are already patched. At
least in Woody they are.

> Is there a "Debian way" of encrypting filesystems?

Dunno, but the method from the Encryption-HOWTO works fine.


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