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Re: files who won't tell who their parent packages are

On Tue, Dec 24, 2002 at 12:38:01PM +0800, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> Let's say a file is bothering me and I want to report it to its
> parents or owners or anything
> $ locate sndstat
> /dev/sndstat #no similarly named brothers
> $ apropos sndstat
> sndstat: nothing appropriate.
> $ dpkg -S /dev/sndstat
> dpkg: /dev/sndstat not found.
> $ reportbug -f /dev/sndstat
> Finding package for /dev/sndstat
> No packages match.
> No package specified; stopping.
> Is it therefore true that there can be some files, say created by
> scripts, who have laundered their origins, so that there is no record
> of what caused them to get there, and being that they arrived via
> installation of a package, that some better way should be invented of
> keeping track of them...

Things under /dev are associated with hardware, the only piece of
software they're really tied to is the kernel. They're created by the
MAKEDEV script unless you're running devfs, then they're created and
destroyed as the drivers are loaded and unloaded. The device files under
/dev will only be usable if you have both the driver and the hardware
properly installed and configured. Maybe if you describe the problem you
have with sndstat somebody will be able to help.

Michael Heironimus

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