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How do I allow other users access to X display under kdm?

I'm running the kdm login manager under KDE 3.0.3 ("unofficial" .debs) 
on my 'sarge' system.

When I installed kdm it noted that it locked down all kinds of settings
in order to improve system security, but didn't explain how I could
change these.. ;-(

The kdm configuration files appear to be in /etc/kde3/kdm/

I would like to be able to setup kdm and/or the X server to allow me to
open X applications when su'ed as root. 

As you would expect, I normally login to an X session as myself
(although I would guess that kdm starts the X server as root or some
other privileged user during the startup sequence?), and su to root in a
terminal window when I need to do things as root.

Sometimes when I am root I need to open an X application (eg, an
installer for a 3rd-party application), but because kdm has locked
things down, it won't let me connect to the server as root.

Could anybody advise what configuration files I would need to change,
and how, in order to let me do this?

I'm afraid that the files in /etc/kde3/kdm/ appear quite baffling to me!

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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