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Downgrade question (problem)


I'm using Debian Woody on my develop machine (I'm planing to switch to

I needed subversion and for this reason I added unstable to
/etc/apt/sources . Then I execute 'apt-get update' fllowing by
'apt-get install libapache2-dav-svn libsvn0 subversion-tools' .

I make a mistake and press <Enter> prior I read the entire list of
packages that are going to be updated.

Later I noticed that also libc and locales were updated. Is there a way to
roll back the update (deinstall all the unstable stuff and reinstall the
stable without subversion)?

Also is there a way to check if files from certain package are unmodified
and if they are modified how can I reinstall those files (entire package)?

Another question is usage of libc from unstable is a big problem for me on
my develop machine?


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