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Re: win 98 crash, damage to debian KDE taskbar ?

daves debian wrote:
I had a problem, my windows 98SE crashed badly, no supprise there, and seemed to corrupt debian on the next partition. I didn't think windows could access any other partitions ....?

I had to manually fsck the drive where it cleared a inode.

Am i right, this has deleted a file ???

Anyhow since then the 'window' on my taskbar where all the minimised programs go has disappeared. IE if i minimise a window I cant access it !!!

I have checked preferences/settings/appletts
I got to admit this menu is confusing, Any ideas how to get my taskbar window back so I can un-minimise applications + how do I add remove applets, the menu seems to do nothing ?

Many thanks

I do not find it in the menus. You can reset the settings of kde to the default value by removing all directory which begin with .kde (preferably outside of kde)

rm -rf .kde* (in your home directory)

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