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Re: apt-get

On Sun, Dec 22, 2002 at 08:40:30PM -0800, nate wrote:
> Richard Beri said:
> > When I install a program via apt-get, and it installs other support
> > packages along with it, and then I choose to remove this program AND  the
> > packages that came with it.  Is there anyway to automate the
> > removal of this program and its packages instead of removing the
> > packages by hand typing them in one by one?  Or if I choose to remove
> > this program at a later date and close my xterm, I forget what came  with
> > it.
> while I've never used it, deborphan looks like it should show you a list
> of packages that don't have anything depending on them anymore.

Also, if you use aptitude, it handles this automatically for you.
Remove the original package, and all it's dependencies go too (unless
someone else is using them, of course).  Most people know it as a
curses-based front-end, but it also has a command-line mode too, that's
mostly a drop in replacement for apt-get:
$ sudo aptitude -y install bleh


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