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xD Picture Card and Debian

 I got a Fuji Finepix 3800 digital camera that uses xD Picture Card flash 
memory.  I am trying to access the camera's flash memory as a usb storage 
device.  It did not work on a Mandrake 8.1 system (kernel 2.4.8).  I Googled 
and found that Mandrake 9 might work with the new xD flash card.  The update 
to mdk9 was less than perfect.  With that, I decided the time had come to 
move all my Intel boxes to Debian (the Sparc box is already there) - 
something i was planning previously.

I loaded up a Woody system today and got KDE2 running and got KMail and 
Konqueror running with all the old bookmarks and email.  Kudos to the Debian 

The Woody system does not appear to be ready for usb storage - judging from 
the response from lsmod.  Before I try anything else, I'd like to ask if 
anyone on the list is using Debian to upload pics from an xD Picture Card 
flash memory (Fuji or Olympus cameras at this time).

Mike M.

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