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OT: what BIOS options are accessible (r/w) from the OS?

Hello Debian users!

I marked this posting as OT cos i do not know if it right here.
What i want to do: i have a gateway already and plan to do weekly
backups of my client PCs on a dedicated hard drive.
Due to a question of price, i ask myself if it is okay to plug just a
second HDD into the gateway and deactivate the HDD from the BIOS.
So, if want to make a backup, i boot my box w/ activated 2nd HDD and
do an rsync.

My question: is it possible (e.g. by hackers etc.) to activate a HDD
by the operating system? I hope it is not!
I am using Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (woody).

Btw.: i know, while doing the backup it is vulnerable if i am online.
Btw.: what BIOS options can an OS read/set in general?

Thanx for any hints!


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