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Re: ntpdate from cron -- DON'T DO THAT!

N. Thomas said:

> Why don't you just run ntpd on the one machine that talks to the higher
> stratum servers and use ntpdate for your internal network?

this is infact, what I do[1] :) sorry if I wasn't clear. I run ntpd
on 1 machine(sometimes 1 machine per network). This syncs to some
external source, and ntpdate runs on all the "other" machines which
sync to this one local system. But I really only run ntpd on this
machine so I can sync other machines to it.

> Yes it works for you, but think about the admin running the time servers
> that your box connects to. Would this solution be acceptable to them? Can
> you imagine 100 if people did the same thing?

As above, only 1 system sync's to an external server, and it is
a .gov server, time.nist.gov or something. Since it's a government server,
run possibly by at least a couple fractions of a cent from my tax dollars
I think I have a right to sync against it, they can always block me if
they want though. I used to sync against other servers, theres a list
of them somewhere, but the list seemed to change a lot and even with
multiple servers in the list sometimes after 4-6 months all of those
servers were down/not responding anymore. I think the .gov one won't go


[1] http://bb.aphroland.org/bb/html/redhat.aphroland.org.ntpd.html

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