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Re: changing the IRQ number

Osvaldo Mundim Junior said:
> Hi all,
> I want to change the IRQ number of a onboard NIC (realtek 8100) because I
> have another hardware using it. I'm trying to use setpci, but I dont know
> the slot's number to set it up.
> How can I get the slot number of a onboard NIC (doesn't have one?) ?
> Somebody can give a instruction?

tell the bios that that IRQ is an ISA irq and the system should re-map
to another irq. Another way, is to move the "other" hardware to another
slot. many motherboards have slots that have shared IRQs with other slots
and/or onboard devices and it is impossible to change them. usually
the first and last PCI slots are configured this way, so use them last.
check your MB manual for details.


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