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Re: my .muttrc is locked (i.e., read-only)

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 04:21:28AM +0000, p wrote:
> anyway, i'm able to save changes to the file 
> _if_ i use the "!" to the command, ":wq".  i
> guess the file is locked because it's a "hid-
> den" file?  (the message i get after vi 
> .muttrc is, ".muttrc already locked, session
> is read-only.")  my non-"dot" files don't 
> say that when massaged with nvi.  and i can
> save them without the "!".

What does 'ls -la ~/.m*.swap' say?  Maybe vi died/crashed/was killed
while editing and left it's lock file around.  Is it just vi that
complains?  How about just appending text to the end with echo?


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