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Re: OT: Solaris kernel boot param like init=/bin/bash?

nate wrote:

Kent West said:

Is there a similar way to get to a shell on a broken Sun Solaris 8 system?

I had to do this once, damn filesystem curroptoion totally screwed the
system. I looked for such a feature but could not find one. So I booted
the install cd and got a shell on that to do the work I needed. At least
when booting software 1, it defaults to an X installation, you can click
on the desktop(right click or left I forget), and get a terminal.

I ended up reinstalling my system even though the above procedure worked
because the curroption was very wide spread.


I had seen references to the CD method in my googling for a solution, and at first I thought I was just too lazy to go unlock the next room over and get a CD, but then I convinced myself that I would learn a lot ([excitement building])and become a better sysadmin ([excitement crescendo]) if I could figure out how to do it without the CD! Excellent employee!!

Bummer. Guess I'll have to get off my lazy bum and go get a CD.



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