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wu-ftpd woes

I am trying to setup a ftp server on my company lan for a repository of g4u
created machine images.  I have chosen to install wu-ftpd.

I cannot seam to get this to authenticate me.  I have NOT setup anonymous
user access, I am only configuring this based on the guest access wu-ftpd

A few questions.  I am using the wu-ftpd package from SID.

Is the debian package compiled to use /etc/ftpaccess by default?  I am
assuming it is.
Does wu-ftpd want you to create user entries in:
../[the directory you want the user to chroot to]/etc?

I am confused as to why this is not working.

Any (help)(comments)(you are dumb, you should to this) etc welcome.

Thanks for your time.


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