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Re: Up to date sources list

On 12/19/2002 6:12 AM, Geordie Birch pounded the keyboard with stubby
fingers to type:
said Matthias Hentges (on 2002-12-19),

apt-spy will build you an up-to-date sources.list

also netselect-apt

Geordie and Matthias, thanks for answering:

I have netselect-apt, which is why I'm in the need of now entering my sources
list manually. After running netselect-apt several times I'm presented with this
error: "Couldn't stat sources list - such package or directory". The information
received from netselect-apt seems to have buggered me up.

I think the easiest way out of this mess, would be to manually enter a source
that is good, which is why I posed by question. Suggestions?

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