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Re: fast but unresponsive modem connection

you wrote:
> My problem is this: say I am downloading a file already. Then I want to
> check my POP3 server at the same time - it'll work, but it will take an
> ~extremely~ long time, so long that I want to pause/resume the file
> download just to get on and off the email server in a normal length of
> time.
> 'MTU size' comes to mind but I don't know anything about it. What can I
> do?

I've been having the same problem and had resolved it with "mru 296" as
per the manpage for pppd in regards to slow links.. Worked fine, but
for a number of web servers that seem to silently drop my packets. Your
sideways suggestion of "mtu 296" seems to be working nicely at the
moment, thanks!


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