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sshd problems on Woody

Hi fellow Debian users,

I'm having trouble getting a proper ssh login between 2 newly installed Woody boxes. The sshd setup is pretty much default, I only changed "PermitRootLogin" to "NO" IIRC and generated protocol 1 RSA keys for my accounts on both with "ssh-keygen -t rsa1". I copied the identity.pub file across and vice versa to authorized_keys just like I'm used to on my potato boxes.

On the first ssh login try the host key was transfered to my ~/.ssh/known_hosts file like it should be, but then I get the following error directly on my shell:

Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).

...and the login is aborted.

Having already searched the web I didn't find any solution, so if any of you people had the same promblem or know how to fix that up please reply. I can provide further details if you wish, just ask what you need.


- Erik -

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