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Root Softraid

Hi there ! 
I am working on the implementation of an soft-root-raid. 
I want to have the root file system von a die Software raid. 

Anyway my only problem is to write lilo. 

Steps taken so far: 

- Running system on third disk
- Created /dev/md0 
- Mouted /dev/md0 /mnt/newroot
- copied system to /mnt/newroot

Created lilo.conf for md0  device. 

My question is now: 

- do i need a seperate /dev/mdx for the /boot partition ? 
- if s, why ? 
- how can i write an mbr an both disks ? 


Nik Engel                     NETWAYS GmbH
Senior Systems Engineer       Deutschherrnstr. 47a
Fon.0911/92885-13             D-90429 Nürnberg
nengel@netways.de             www.netways.de 

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